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Q: What is BrandsCash Program?
A: BrandsCash is unique Affiliate Program dedicated to the sales the products of the world-known brands shoes and accessories.

Q: Why BrandsCash is unique?
A: Brandscash program is unique because in addition to the wide range of the promo matherials such as banners, deeplinks, landing pages and widgets, we provide our affiliates unique opportunity to create its own fashion shop. Our White-Label Shop option grant you possibility to create exclusive fashion shop or boutique in the Internet.

Q: Is the BrandsCash products up to date?
A: Yes. All the products were bought from the world known designers by our buyers and are from future collections what will be offered to the retailers next season.

Q: What products do I sell with BrandsCash?
A: You will sale the brand products from world-known designers. All the goods are genuine and have all necessary certificates of quality and origin.

Q: What countries do you accept the affiliates from?
A: We accept the affiliates from all countries.

Q: Where can I sell the products with BrandsCash?
A: Currently we ship our goods all over the world.

Q: Where can I see the examples of fashion shop and the goods I will sell with BrandsCash?
A: You can check it at our public site http://calcano.com

Q: Is your registration free or the invitation code is required?
A: We have a two-level registration process. First you need to register and after the interview with our affiliate manager your account will be activated. The invitation code is required for referral program only.

Q: How much do I earn with BrandsCash?
A: You will earn 20% in revenue from every order you refer to us.

Q: Can I refer affiliates to you?
A: Yes, you can. We pay 5% of the referred webmasters’ revenue.

Q: What is my first step to start?
A: All you need to do is register and after account activation you will get full access to your affiliate area where you can find access to your promo materials, links, help on all related subjects in English and Russian as well as the friendly hand of your Support manager.

Q: What kind of traffic may I use?
A: You may use any kind of traffic except that coming from email spam.

Q: How can I sell?
A: You can use our fashion shops for that or design your own store.

Q: How long the coockies last?
A: The coockies last 30 days due to the seasonal nature of the goods of program.

Q: What languages are your shops in?
A: Currently our online shops are in 2 languages - English and Russian. More languages will be available after the widening our sales geography.

Q: Do you offer free hosting to webmasters?
A: We are ready to host the shops you build using our system.

Q: Can I set my own prices in my shops?
A: ou can set any price in your shop for each product, but not lower than our minimum price.

Q: What fashion products range do you have?
A: We have 10+ world known brands products in our shopping list. But in future we will add more designers. To keep yourself informed we recommend you subscribe to the email newsletter at our shop http://calcano.com

Q: How often do you pay?
A: Payments are made weekly, on Mondays. The payment will include all payed and delivered orders for this period.

Q: What payments methods do you offer?
A: You can get money by Wire transfer and Webmoney, as well as via Epese, Paxum, eСoin, PayPal. The minimum amount to order a payment is:

- Wire transfer - $500
- Webmoney, Epese, Paxum, eСoin, PayPal - $100

Q: What fees do you charge for payments?
A: The fees depend of the payment method you'll choose:

- Wire transfer - $35
- Webmoney, Epee, Paxum, eСoin, PayPal - 1%

Q: In what currency do you pay?
A: All payments are made in USD.

Q: How are the payments made?
A: We have both automatic and manual order methods. You can choose any in your affiliate area.

Q: What’s the security key?
A: After registration you get a 32-character security key which is necessary for ordering payments and changing your account information.

Q: I lost my password. What do I do?
A: To restore your password, press the button “Forgot password”. To get it, enter your email you used in registration. Your new password will be generated and sent to your email.